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I Love a New Challenge

I just needed to get some words down here, whether or not anyone actually reads them. It’s kind of that fear of the white page, I think. I actually started a new post after a planning meeting with this semester’s co-teacher. I realised it would need to be broken into a couple separate ones if it stays nearly as long and rambly as it is.

But then I lost it, mid-write, while I was in a flow. I eventually found a saved copy in the recesses of my MacBook’s brain, but the flow kind of died and I never got back to it. But I want to, and I will.

And then this morning I was inspired by someone else’s blog to attempt to build a decent bike from a $25 craigslist purchase (presuming the frame will fit my short self). I don’t know anything about doing it, or about which parts are decent. But then, I knew nothing about bike touring, nor was I even capable of reading a map properly when I went, but I did it anyway. What the hell, why not try this, too? And I can afford this crap Thruster now, as opposed to the better bikes that I really want. I scour craigslist anyway for an affordable bike, why not for decent affordable parts, and learn something in the process?

I still don’t have a job (which reminds me, I need to phone back the woman at the sex toys/lingerie/gag gift place that called me for an interview. No word from McDonald’s, but at least this place thinks I might be a reasonable employee choice), but maybe once I have some money I’ll want to buy something better.

For now? I love a challenge!


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Tuesday, 26 February 2013 · 11:48 am